January 20, 2021
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Boy what some marketeers will do to induce you into believing that they are offering you a FREE security system.Star doesn't offer a free security system and here is the reasons why we don't. Instead we offer quality and dependable systems that are fairly priced.

First of all most people don't believe that you will get something for nothing. Businesses would fail if they really operated this way. It just may seem that way. Here is why.

If your offered FREE health insurance to cover you, but it only covers you for headaches and colds, would you accept that as adequate health coverage? Of course you wouldn't. It's not real and complete health care. If you're an intelligent and a experienced person, why would you think or believe someone is going to give you something for nothing? It may have been because you saw the word FREE.

So the same goes for the "Free High Tech Security System" that you heard about on the radio or television. Its only a come on to get into your home or business. Their intention seems to be to scare you with horror stories and crime statistics about how many people were murdered in the United States and how many burglaries were committed. Their intention is to sell you a full system that costs thousands of dollars.

If you take their "FREE" system , you usually have to pay $30.00 and up or so plus tax per month for the next 6 to 10 years (read the contract details carefully). So really all that they are going to usually protect with a FREE system is two doors and install one motion detector. So if you sign a 6 to 10 year contract with them, the system is yours FREE.

What they don't tell you is that as soon as you sign the contract, they usually sell the contract at a discount to a finance company. You may never own the equipment, and if you were to sell your home or business during the life of the contract, you are responsible to pay the balance for the entire term. You are actually leasing the system just like you would do a car. If you want to get out of your lease, you have to pay off the balance and return the car.

Now depending upon how much equipment they installed in your home or business, the alarm company receives from the finance company anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for this contract that you signed. The alarm company gets all of their money up front and you have no protection if the alarm company goes out of business, since your contract was sold to a finance company. So you see their system may not be free at all, especially if you have to call another alarm company to service the system of the original alarm company which maybe no longer in business.

Now what if a burglar enters an unprotected door or area of your home or business, who do you sue for bad design? Not the free system alarm company. They're probably long gone. Remember they got their money from the finance company, and yes, you have the finance company desiring to collect on the contract regardless of your loss or degree of protection. Since the finance company is not an alarm company, they cannot service your alarm system, but want you to pay on the contract. Now you have a situation where you are paying a finance company and another alarm company to service your system if the original alarm company is out of business.

Star Security Systems, Inc. does not operate this way. We are a full service security firm that will secure your home or business as through we were living or employed there. We are in the live safety and loss prevention/detection business. We only install a complete custom designed security system which meets your needs.

So the moral of the story, is that there are no free security systems, just ones that seems so and that are very inadequate to afford any real and dependable protection.

If you desire an adequate and quality system, then CALL US !